4Minute – “STEAL 20” Concept Teaser Image Released

Posted 6 years ago
23rd March 4Minute raised expectations of their fans by releasing teaser images for their new album.On the 23rd March 4Minute teased the public with teaser images from the 5 members on their Korean website www.4min.co.kr. “STEAL 20” was revealed as the new concept for the album. The “STEAL 20” concept has been said to be “as they approach their 20’s, an age where it is capable to keep a secret.” Hyun A is sitting on the table and getting ready. This image represents Hyun A preparing as she comes near her 20’s, she gives off an appearance that fans may not be able to take their eyes off of.Ga Yoon’s gives off an emotional maturity in her photo and Ji Hyun, who has always been known to have a boyish charm, makes a chic and sexy transformation with her black tank top.Their concept can be said to be “innocent glamour” and fans will be able to see the girls of 4Minute transform from girls to women. Many are wondering how So Hyun, will represent this concept as she will not be turning 20 for another few years.A video teaser will be released on March 24th and album is set for release on March 29th. 4Minute will make a big comeback with a brand new sound.
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