2AM – F.Scott Fitzgerald’s Way Of Love – Album Release

Posted 5 years ago
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Official Press Release:
2AM Makes a Comeback with Deeper, Sentimental Ballads! 2AM comes back after a year and a half with, Have You been Waiting like Me? It is the return of the vocal kings; it is time for a ballad!“A year and a half since you’ve left” was the short, delicate phrase that 2AM used to announce their comeback.After winning the Golden Disk award and leaving the music world in 2010, 2AM has now released footage to fans of the making of their new album, F.Scott Fitzgerald’s Way of Love. This album shows the evolution of the singers and brings out the saddest, but restrained soul of a young man. Rather than crying to forget about the remorse after parting from a relationship, 2AM sings about bearing that sorrow. Listening to this love story, with all of its intricate feelings, you will find that the time for your ballad has come back, at 2AM. F.Scott Fitzgerald’s Way of Love The boys of 2AM have grown into men, not only in appearance, but also in vocal ability and their depth of love. Their mini album, F.Scott Fitzgerald’s Way of Love, will make you feel like you’re reading a romantic novel as its tender stories will touch your heart and make you shed a tear. The stories of each track are similar to those depicted in F.Scott Fitzgerald’s novels, containing sorrow that penetrates deep into your heart and leaves you speechless. As 2AM’s past albums have done, you will find yourself getting choked up while listening to such stories.Collaboration with the Best Musicians Jong Shin Yun, Sun Ju Park, UrbanZakapa and Sang Ho Lee are some of the many collaborators with 2AM and this album shines brighter than rest because of the participation of these top musicians. 2AM is renowned as Korea’s best vocal group after receiving complements from these musicians and others such as singer-songwriter Jong Shin Yun, who praises, “They really know how to focus on the song itself.” In addition, songwriter, Sun Ju Park, explains, “Their secret weapon is their beautiful singing,” after working with 2AM for her song, Just Another Second. These opportunities have allowed for 2AM’s profound sentimentalism, serenity, and resignation from heartbreak to be recognized in the sorrow of their voices.2AM has also collaborated with top artists for the quality of their group’s logo and the way they dress. Total Impact, which made the B.I.s (brand images) for numerous companies such as SK Telecom and Hyundai Cards, has made a logo that connects 2AM with their musical identity. Young Sik Oh, C.E.O. of Total Impact, said  “I created its typo as Avant-Garde since almost 2AM fans are women and I knew women accept that typo as sensitive and feminine” about his motivated background. 2AM’s fashion is also very special since it was carefully chosen to suit their year-and-a-half comeback. The creative director of the Cheil Industries, Sang Hyuk Han said, “I was concerned how I yield man’s broken heart because of his ex-lover to a fashion. After this serious consideration, I chose to use straight-forward line silhouette that rid of all the unnecessary things and I finally could complete the fit for man who lives his life with broken heart.” The simplicity of its design worked together with 2AM to build a wardrobe that will bring out the restrained emotions of 2AM’s songs.Her Story: Recalling Her Love Before their comeback, 2AM released interviews of Jung Hyun Park, So Hyun Park about their love stories. From this group were a few well-known figures, such as So Hyun Park, who icily remarked, “You can’t live in the shadow of a relationship that ended a year and a half ago.” Romanticist, Jung Hyun Park, says, “My love stories are percolated throughout my songs.” Ballerina, Ye Na Kang, bitterly says, “It’s a pity that work has become prior to love.” Model, Hye Jin Han, aroused sympathy by saying, “It is not something you forget, but something you overcome.” Their true stories of love bring empathy with the emotion of 2AM’s new album.2AM on LP, analogue love songs 2AM’s new album will be released in LP format and can be found in record stores in May. LP albums, or Long-Play records, are rare, but this makes 2AM’s new album much more interesting. There are not many factories that manufacture LP’s anymore and it also requires lots of time to produce a record, however, the purpose of the LP album is to deliver sentimentality. 2AM bore the risk of releasing their album in this format because of its collectible value and the nostalgia it brings to those who remember LP albums (and this is a must-have rare album for those who don’t). There are high expectations for how 2AM will sound on the LP’s.“Are You Also Not Able to Forget like Me?” (Sentimental Music Video) Set in the past, the video starts off with an old man with a long beard in a room. Another man, whom cannot forget about his love, then comes in the room. “I wish I could forget about it all. Will she be suffering like I do?” the other man, Jin Un Jung, wonders in a low voice. The music video of the song titled, Are You like Me? explores the story of a man who decides to erase his memories in order to overcome his past love. The contrasting scenes of the bitter present with the reminiscing scenes of the couple’s sweet past bring an emotional experience to the viewers. Jin Un Jung’s acting is as perfect as it is in the soap opera Kick in the Air, but unlike his troublemaker character in the drama, Jing Un reflects a man with the deep sorrows of parting with his love.
Song Reviews:
You Were Mine Songwriter, Whee Sung, who is famous for his unique story lines, participated as the lyricist for You Used to be Mine with Sang Ho Lee as the composer. The song’s African percussion creates a unique beat and is an ear-catcher. There is also magnificence in the chorus, which is composed with dynamic drums and is led by strings. Ironic sadness is expressed through a joyful melody of medium tempo combined with lyrics of a mournful story. This farewell tale brings empathy from the listeners, as it is a one that everyone has experienced. The single phrase, “You used to be mine,” explains all of this emotion without needing any other words.I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me The hit maker, Do Hun Kim, combined with 2AM’s mournful voice, produced another classic ballad song, Are You like Me? It is a song that is a perfect match for 2AM’s comeback. It suits their voices and emotions with gentle piano and cello tunes in the intro, which maximizes the dreariness of the song. In a calm tone, 2AM sings about the emptiness and loneliness that follows the end of a relationship. Their sorrow, which is restrained, rather than cried out, is very moving and you will fall in deep sorrow through every lyric, which will stay in your heart. Although their lyrics evoke sadness, you can feel the comfort from 2AM’s warm voices.Erase All Our Memories The impressive, acoustic soul melody, written by Urban Zakapa, underlies this sentimental ballad. His typical style of melody has great chemistry with 2AM’s sweet voices. Rather than to lingering on an ex-lover, 2AM maturely sings about letting go and carrying on with life. Even though the lyrics are icy, there is warmth to the song from 2AM’s voices. The unique and improvised, jazz-styled scat singing of the members and their falsetto singing are the highlights of the song.One More Second Songwriter, Sun Ju Park, presented this song to 2AM as her willingness to embrace 2AM’s deepest emotions. 2AM sings with great depth in the song to show the different characteristics of members, however, in order to make this happen, Sun Ju Park struggled in allocating lyrics for them. The instrumentals overlap delay effects on the percussion loops, making it sound like the ticking of a clock through each passing second. It is a great way for the artists to express their deep sadness as the time after separating from a loved one passes. Strong expressions such as, “Give me one more damn chance,” shows another face of the 2AM to their fans.How To Break Up Well Their first convergence with songwriter, Jong Shin Yun, 2AM lyrically sings the delicate melodies of Jong Shin Yun. It seems that they have found a good balance between the two artists’ different styles of ballads. The story of A Good End feels like watching a black-and-white film, where a couple in the middle of a crowded road separates with tears in their eyes. The emotions of sorrow of this song passionately explode through the rock style of the open high-hat.I Love You, I Love You 2AM’s Chang Min wrote this song, which is the only love song of the entire album. The song is about a guy’s fluttering heart falling into love and showing his emotions for the first time. The intro starts with the noise of an old record, making the song sound antique and romantic. The full melody of the bass line suits the sweet voices of 2AM and the repeating chorus of “I love you, I love you, I love you,” brings a smile to the face of listeners. It is a joyful song in which 2AM’s fans can hear each member whispering, “I love you,” throughout the song.
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