Keira Knightley Stuns With Her Voice in Original Motion Picture ‘Begin Again’: New Lyric Video and Music

Posted 3 years ago

Keira Knightley - Lost Stars LV


Surprised Keira Knightley can sing? Her great natural and relaxed sounding voice may come as a shock to many. Keira stars as Greta, a singer songwriter in the new indie music film ‘Begin Again.’ The film tells a story of Greta, who breaks up with her longterm boyfriend Dave (Adam Levine.) Just as Dave’s career begins to take off, Greta gets heard by an A&R man in a minute NY city bar. Mark Ruffalo is moved to produce her first album.

The movie soundtrack will feature both Levine and Knightley singing in different styles. For example, watch this lyric video of a gentle version of “Lost Stars.” Levine will sing a stadium version of this same song.



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