Taylor Swift – “1989” : All You Need To Know About The Album

Posted 3 years ago

Taylor Swift 1989


Taylor Swift’s 5th studio album “1989” will be released on Oct 27th. Pre-order the album on iTunes and download the new single “Shake It Off” immediately: http://po.st/iTTS1989dlx
Standard version : http://po.st/iTTS1989


Here’s all you need to know about the album:

  1. The name of the album “1989” is based on Taylor Swift’s birth year.
  2. The album is heavily influenced by late 80s music
  3. There’s a behind the scenes clip exclusively shown on the iTunes store artist page.
  4. The polaroid artwork was hinted earlier. There will be 13 more polaroids in the physical copy or digital version of the album on iTunes.
  5. There will be in total 5 collectible sets (13 photos each) of the polaroids
  6. The standard album includes 13 songs (Taylor’s favorite number).
  7. Other than the 13 songs, the deluxe album offers 3 bonus songs and 3 of Taylor’s Songwriting Voice Memos (Documenting the early creation of 3 songs on the album).
  8. The album marks Taylor Swift’s departure from break-up songs. The New album will be all fun and pop!
  9. The album will be Swift’s “Very first documented official pop album”
  10. The deluxe album (physical or digital) will include a “Swiftstakes” code. The sweepstake where 1,989 meet and greets / tickets will be given out is only available in the US/ Canada.

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