Ariana Grande Answers Fans Questions in Her First Ever Google+ Hangout in Asia!

Posted 3 years ago

Ariana Grande Google Plus Hangout


Ariana Grande stopped by Japan for not only her first Google+ hangout in Asia, but her first ever hangout with fans around the world. The breakthrough popstar made her trip to over to promote the release of her sophomore album My EverythingThe event took place in the Japan Universal Music Office and her dancers joined her to hangout with her fans all across Asia. The fans did their part and asked some intriguing questions, for example how she hits those high notes so effortlessly and where the inspiration for the “Break Free” video came from. The interview was 45 minutes long and despite a few technical questions here and there, Ariana gave awesome answers to all of the fans questions.  Check out the Google + Hangout and a transcription of the questions below!




  1. Harry Styles wrote the song, “Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart”, in your current album. Does this mean we will get a duet of you with Harry or any One Direction member any time soon?

    Well not sure about a duet – you do get a song that Harry wrote – I do think he is an incredible writer and artist. Maybe one day we will perform that song together. Maybe if we’re in the same place at the same time he will come on stage and perform the song with me.

  2. What is the song in your new album “My Everything” that you can relate to most?

    I think all of them, I can relate to all of them at some point. It depends. When I’m feeling really down I will relate to the more emotional, emo, darker ones. And then when I’m feeling really happy, I will correlate to the happier ones. It’s such a personal process writing an album, making an album. They each express a different facade of myself, so it’s kinda complicated, but I guess all of them.



  1. Would you try other genre of music after your latest breakthrough in EDM for “Break Free”?

    I think after this album , trying so many different things. I would be open to trying anything. Who knows how it would go? Country music would be probably be a little werid. I’m open on trying everything at this point. I think it will be really cool. Let me know what you guys want to hear me sing, and will try it out.

  2. As a rising star, what would you recommend other rising artist out there to be as accomplish as you are?

    To anybody who is just getting started in the industry or anybody who loves dancing, singing, acting, anybody who loves the arts or creating. I guess that involves auditioning and possibly being turned down. I think the most important thing to keep in mind is that not every job is right for everybody. There will be a lot a lot rejection before you find the right place before you make it and before you get your break. It can be very hard and  very emotional and very heart breaking. but you cannot let that deter you because the ultimate goal is there. And you will find the right thing for you and it will be amazing. If you’re passionate  and you work hard and you’re a good person, It will be rewarded , greatly, I will you all the best. Go kill it and be nice and you’ll get all things in return.

  3. What is one thing that you have taken from a hotel room?

    I am not a thief! Ariana exclaimed as her dancers are thrown into a fit of giggles, admitting that they indeed stole things from the rooms.




  1. We love your look, Ariana!! We were wondering, how long will you keep your hairstyle, and if you could, what other hairstyle would you like to try?

    I’ve been mixing it bit recently – but I will try yours (The girl with blue hair).

  2. What’s your favourite song from the album that you can’t wait to perform live?

    “Love Me Harder”

  3. Singapore is a very hot city and we love spicy food too! On a scale on 1-10 (10 being hottest), how much spice can Ariana Grande handle?

    I like spicy but I don’t think I will do that well. I like pepperoncini because they’re kinda spicy but kind of pickle-y. I like banana peppers because they are not really spicy they’re kinda like fake spicy.



  1. If you could be one of the disney princess which one would you choose?

    I think sleeping beauty, Aurora. I want to sleep all day and have the boy of my dream wake me up with a nice kiss.

  2. What’s your favorite song on the album? and why?

    I kinda have like a top 3 favorite situation. I love Best Mistake, Break Your Heart Right Back, My Everything. But they’re kinda tied for first place, but If i’m gonna pick one, it will be Best Mistake

  3. Who is your inspiration to become a singer?

    I think my family really , because I had such a musical family you know. My brother and I are the first people in our family to actually pursue entertainment. My mom was always singing around the house, my dad was always singing around the house, my grandparents were always singing around the house. I think coming from just a very musical family; from a family that appreciates music; or sort of like a loud italian family. That was just sort of why I really wanted to be a singer. My brother would be the lead in every musical that his show would put on. Then I was like – I want to be just like Frankie, I have to be just like Frankie. And then he taught me how to walk in high heels. And then I started auditioning for musicals because his agent helped helped me and that is how I got my start.

  4. What is the first album that you Bought?

    I think it was either Spice Girls or ‘N Sync ( then performs a verse of Spice Girls’ “Wannabe”)

  5. Does Ariana have any plans to come visit Asia?

    We’re putting together my tour schedule right now. So we’ve announced like the first leg which is just gonna be the north american leg of the tour and then we’re gonna be adding and announcing the international dates as well. So I really hope that you all are on there because I would like to come and sing for you guys. But if God forbid the dates come out and you’re not. All you have to do is tweet @Scooter Braun a lot. And then we’ll be there.



  1. How did you celebrate when your album “My everything” went to number 1 on Billboard


    I didn’t really have time to. I just sort of got on a plane to Australia, got some work done and then I jumped on a plane to Japan and here I am and then I Skyped some really cute girls and boys in Taiwan and then I will get to celebrate. I feel I just want to get started on an another already you know cause I love it so much. I just want to make more music, but the celebration is just appreciating it just having so much fun with all these work.

  2. If you weren’t in the music business, what would you want to do?

    That is a hard one, because music is my life. I feel like if I weren’t a singer, I would want to be a writer and write for other artists and sort of just be involved in music. Uhm, but if I weren’t in the pop music industry, I would like to go back to doing music theatre, very much and or just act. I like performing, as long as I’m performing, that will be great. But then if all else fails. Then I would love to take over my mom’s company.

  3. We know you like to rap, are you going to make a rap record in the future?

    Absolutely. Yes. I’ve been practicing a lot and waiting to make my rap debut. But I’ve been practicing. Trust me it’s coming. I don’t know how good it will be. But it’s coming.



  1. Tell us the concept of the Break Free video?

    I was watching Barbarella one day which I’m not sure if you’ve seen it. But it’s a very weird campy, retro, space movie. And it’s kinda sexy, scary, weird. I was watching it with my friends. And I was like this would be the perfect concept to sort of base Break Free of off. If you ever have the time, look up the opening scene from Barberella and you’ll see how we sort of replicated that in the video. Except in the movie she’s naked and in the video i’m obviously not. But ya it’s  a really fun movie – and by fun I mean disturbing. So I hope you check it out.

    Barbarella opening scene:

  2. You are always in a good shape. How do you keep fit?

    I do a lot of dancing with these guys. We’re always running around, sweating our butts off and dancing and keeping active but I don’t eat a lot of junk at all. I don’t eat anything processed or eat meat or dairy or anything coming from an animal. I try to stay away from processed sugar and candy. But there are healthy alternatives. So it’s not like I’m miserable over here. I have a really fun and delicious vegan diet that I’ve been living by for almost a year now. It’s not a diet, it’s more like a lifestyle. Still have chocolate and popcorn and things like that. I make sure it’s organic, not processed and glutton free and all those boring things you hear from people from LA talk about all the time.

  3. When you hit the high notes, it seems effortless to you. How did you do that?

    Thank you first of all. My singing voice sits in that register naturally. I feel like singing up there is a lot easier for me than singing in my mid to lower range. I feel like it’s a lot easier for me to control my higher range and I feel like that’s just because of how my chords are structured I guess. I feel like that’s just naturally where my voice sits. But I feel like it’s an important thing to make sure it’s healthy. So when I do go up there live. I try to make it sound really full but not sing that hard. I’ll sort of mix it. It sound like I’m belting and screaming in your face but I’m really not that loud. But I use the mic to make it sound really loud. I’ve been like playing with different techniques sort of learning how to keep it healthier so that I can do them live and not suffer for it later.



  1. Could you tell us why your new album “My Everything” is so special for you?

    My everything is so special to me because it’s my sophomore album which I feel like it’s a very important one in the long term view of my whole career. It means a lot to me because so much has changed over the past year and I’m growing up and I’m experiencing a whole bunch of new things. And every album to me is an another opportunity to express myself to my fans and let them get to know me a little more. Let them get to know what I’ve been going through and even since this one has ended. I’ve been through so much and I’ve learn so much, so I can’t wait to get started on the 3rd one.  That’s why it’s so special, because it’s literally each song is like capturing little moments of my life and little memories and things like that. And yeah it is very special, I hope you all love it.

  2. How do you feel, knowing that your work, especially in music are accepted all around the world, Including Indonesia?

    It feels incredibly rewarding and i’m very very grateful. I would like to come over there and visit you all at some point.


  1. What kind of music do you listen to.

    I listen to everything from pop to rap to musical theatre to dance music to older dance music. A lot of Madonna a little of electronic and soul. I like it all really.

  2. Do you plan to visit India soon

    See other answers on top. Spam @Scooter Braun

  3. You talk to your fans a lot on Twitter. What’s the weirdest/funniest interaction you’ve had?

    Every single day, there are these crazy accounts that say like the most wildly inappropriate and creative things that i’ve never seen in my life just trying to get my attention. I think they must be on all day. Because as soon as I tweet, it’s one of the first few comments and it’s usually very shocking and kinda of very inappropriate and I would just sit there and…. OMG! And it’s like everyday, like their always on.


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