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Unveil charity single Something Like You
in support of
released December 18th

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Today, we are very pleased to announce that Liverpool four-piece Circa Waves will be releasing charity single Something Like You on December 18th in support of War Child UK; with all proceeds from the sales of the single going to War Child.

Circa Waves Something Like You
War Child UK is a specialist child protection charity working in countries devastated by conflict including Iraq, Afghanistan, the Central African Republic and in response to the Syria crisis. War Child set up safe spaces for the most vulnerable children; where they can play, learn and escape from the chaos in their lives. Their centres aren’t just about keeping children safe, it also gives them a chance to discover, perhaps for the first time, what it is to be a child. War Child is committed to standing by children long enough to provide them the best possible assistance in overcoming their experiences.

Something Like You is a beautifully raw and virtuous cover track, originally written in 1997 by Michael Head and the Strands. Showing his support for War Child, Kieran (vocals/guitar) of Circa Waves explains:

As yet another senseless bombing campaign is ordered by our government , our heart goes out to all the families and children that will inevitably be affected.

We felt we should try and help as best we could , making music, giving it out in support of a great charity, War Child, which works tirelessly to alleviate the suffering of thousands of people affected by war. We really hope everyone can support this. Thank you.

Kieran Shuddall – Circa Waves

Download the song from iTunes here.

Providing life-changing support to the most vulnerable children whose lives, families and communities have been apart by war, please find more information on War Child below:

Official website:
Twitter: / @warchilduk
War Child UKs most recent video:

Duty of Care


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