4MINUTE Release Music Video for Skrillex Produced Single “Hate” : 7th EP Out Now Download or Stream!

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“HATE! I HATE YOU” Fast and the Furious Track Up to the Top
4MINUTE’s 7th EP [Act. 7]

In 2015, 4MINUTE graced the world with their 6th EP, “CRAZY”, which resulted in a chaotic “girl crush” movement, virtually shifting K-POP to a new era of females. This February, 4MINUTE will drop the curtains kicking off “Act. 7” – dubbed “the game changer”. The word “average”, which ceased to exist in 4MINUTE’s production, is once again nowhere to be seen as the mesh between hip hop and EDM, being elevated to a new caliber of creativity, is set to disturb the status quo of the music industry. Not strangers to being hands on in the making, Jiyoon, Hyuna, and Sohyun prolifically express aestheticism to its true nature in lyrics of the songs in the EP. Gayoon takes a spin on the stylistic/fashion front as she spearheads the visual directing, complementing the rest of the production.

4MInute Hate Music Video

The single, “HATE”, has fingerprints of none other than Skrillex, the “poster boy” of modern dubstep, making a huge leap forward in the K-POP scene. Co-produced by Jaewoo Seo and Youngjin Son and written by Jenyer (Jiyoon) and Hyuna, “HATE” is ready to put previous songs to shame. Taking on a POV of a girl who senses that her boy is shifty, the song not only mustards up the courage to shoo off the fakes but also empowers other females to do the same. The choreography, bootstrapped by Parris Goebel, supplies ammo to the song which will enable the members of 4MINUTE to fire away in their upcoming performances.

The EP consists of 3 filler tracks: “No Love”, a R&B beat depicting the innocence of love distorted by unfaithfulness. “Blind” is another track written by Jenyer(Jiyoon), Hyuna, and Sohyun – calling out all the bad boys blinding the girls with ugly lies. Last but not least, “CANVAS”, a ratchet hip hop track wraps up the EP.

Haters gonna hate. Trying hating, “Hate”, though.
Will soon find out the contradiction.

4MInute Act 7



  1. Hate
    Composed, Arranged by Jae Woo Seo, Young Jin Son, Skrillex
    Lyrics by Jae Woo Seo, Young Jin Son, Jenyer, Hyuna
  1. No Love
    Composed, Arranged by Gen Neo
    Lyrics by Ms.Layoung, Gen Neo
    Rap Making Hyuna, Jenyer
  1. Blind
    Composed by Kei Sam Kwang Wook Lim, Ryan Kim, Hunnykilla, Amanda Moseley
    Lyrics by Sohyun
    Arranged by Kei Sam Kwang Wook Lim, Ryan Kim, Hunnykilla
    Rap Making Jenyer, Hyuna
  1. Canvas
    Composed, Lyrics, Arranged by Bicksancho, Sung Ho Cho
  1. Hate (Inst.)
    Composed, Arranged by Jae Woo Seo, Young Jin Son, Skrillex 
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