DEAN “D(Half Moon)” Music Video

Posted 1 year ago

DEAN dropped the music video for “D(Half Moon)”, just 2 days after the premiere of “Bonnie & Clyde” music video!

The song features South Korean rapper Gaeko and is the 5th song of DEAN’s debut EP “130 Mood : TRBL”

(1) And You? (Skit) (Outro)
(2) Pour Up (ft. ZICO)
(3) Bonnie & Clyde
(4) What 2 Do (ft. Jeff Bernat, Crush)
(5) D (Half Moon) (ft. Gaeko)
(6) I Love It (ft. Dok2)
(7) 21

Dean - d moon music video ft. Gaeko2

Album sampler:

The meaning of the EP title 

‘130’ symbolizes James Dean – the number was painted on James Dean’s Porsche 550, “Little Bastard”. DEAN revealed his artist name has been inspired by the actor.

‘TRBL’ stands for ‘trouble’, taken from DEAN’s nickname ‘DEAN TRBL’.

The whole album is in reverse order of one man’s love story, from falling in love with a 21-year-old girl to suffering heartbreak.

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