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“Sledgehammer” has only been out for two days and has already had over 500,000 Spotify streams. The highly anticipated song which was written for the Motion Picture “Star Trek Beyond” is definitely a different style than what we would expect from Rihanna and her previous work.

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Now that the songs been out for two days it’s time for the video, which is out TODAY! It’s premiering in Imax theaters at 9am ET, and will then be available an hour later to stream on Vevo and Tidal.


Here’s the video teaser that Rihanna posted on her Twitter.

An interesting fact about Rihanna’s “Sledgehammer” is that, like Adele’s “Hello” music video, it was shot using Imax cameras. However, Rihanna’s latest video features a different, newer camera, the Alex Imax which was also used to film the epic battle scene in “Captain America: Civil War”!

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And if a music video isn’t enough for you then the actual Star Trek movie “Star Trek Beyond” is scheduled  to land in cinemas around the world on the 22nd July.

Leave a comment telling us what you think of the new song and make sure you go check out the music video on Vevo or Tidal when its released!

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