[Alexandros] Revealed Music Video for “Feel like”

Posted 11 months ago

New music video by [Alexandros] for their all English track “Feel like”, from the upcoming 6th album “EXIST!”, scheduled for Nov. 9th, was just revealed.

“Feel like” was originally written for the TV commercial of the Japanese fashion brand “GLOBAL WORK” around the end of April, 2016. To illustrate the theme “FEEL IT”, the commercial was made to be like a short film featuring a busy city couple escaping into the imaginary country scene. As soon as the commercial started airing, the track “Feel like”, perfectly in sync with the footage, generated huge buzz on social especially among the fans requesting for the “full version” to be released. Currently, TV commercial for Fall/Winter version is on the air.

The concept of music video is to visualize the stylish and pop “happy” feeling of the song. [Alexandros], in their usual “cool” attire, appears on the video along with the group of blond-haired dancers in black shades. The band has never collaborated with the dancers on the video in the same scene; though they’ve featured dancers as inserted separate scenes in the past such as “Girl A”. Dancers represent the “pop” image of the song while colorful fruits are used to express the colors; red, blue, green, yellow and silver, from the lyrics. The story ends with Yoohei Kawakami (Vo. & Gt.) waking up from his sleep, making the viewers realize that it all happened in his dream.

The concept of the video with dancers and fruits might seem a bit too “cute” for a rock band; however, with the scenes of fruits vividly being crushed by raw hands wisely inserted, the video perfectly represents the diversity of [Alexandros] as well as their continuous attitude to take in new elements into their music.
Full music video is available on [Alexandros]Channel on YouTube.

Following the release, the band will hit the road on a nationwide tour to support the album.
“[Alexandros] Tour 2016-2017-We Come In Peace-” kicks off at Yokohama Arena (sold out show) on Nov. 16th and continues on to 2017 including 4 dates in Asia.

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