[Alexandros] shares artwork and tracklist of the upcoming album “EXIST!”

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[Alexandros] shares artwork and tracklist of the upcoming album “EXIST!”

[Alexandros] revealed the cover art and tracklist of their highly anticipated 6th studio album “EXIST!” set to release on Nov. 9th. The album cover features a white majestic lion standing between the signature parenthesis “[ ]”, which represents the band’s power and presence in the current Japanese rock scene, as well as the album title “EXIST!” and the band’s existence in Japan.

For the limited editions, the white lion is wearing a crown in the shower of soap bubbles while the standard edition uses simple green background.

The 14 song tracklist includes hit singles such as “Girl A”, “NEW WALL”, “Swan”, and “Nawe, Nawe” along with newly recorded tracks. The unique sound of [Alexandros], Japan meets the West, is still present on the new album.

DVD for limited edition A will feature live footage from “Premium V.I.P. Party Osaka Castle Hall” (23 tracks in total), while limited edition B comes with 6 music videos from the last album “ALXD” and the upcoming album “EXIST!”. The music videos, from smash hit “Wataridori” to the latest track “Feel like”, will be accompanied by the audio commentary of the band members.

6th album “EXIST!” Release date in Japan: Nov. 9th, 2016

CD (14 tracks)

  1. Moon Song
  2. Kaiju
  3. Girl A
  4. Claw
  5. O2
  6. Feel Like
  7. Aoyama
  8. Nawe, Nawe
  9. Buzz Off!
  10. Kusottarena Kisamarae
  11. Swan
  12. I Want U To Love Me
  13. Imamade Kimiganaitabun Torimodosou
  14. NEW WALL






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